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Stoelting Frozen Treat Equipment


Stoelting also offers accessories for our freezers, such as remote mix pumps to keep mix handling to a minimum, floor stands for converting counter top units to floor models, and mix-in blenders for marvelous mix-ins.

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Floor Stands

Floor Stands

Designed to quickly and easily convert your countertop machine into a floor model, these floor stands are perfect for any establishment that’s short on space or needs convenient transportation.

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Stoelting Accessories

Stoelting Accessories

With a wide variety of accessories available, you’re able to modify and customize your Stoelting machine to your liking, making it the perfect addition to your frozen treat setup.

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Flavor Burst Soft Serve Machine

Flavor Burst

Transform your menu with a variety of irresistible flavors. The Flavor Burst System stripes or blends delicious flavors into your frozen treat products, allowing you to make new, exciting creations.

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