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Medical Facilities

As technology in the foodservice industry advances, hospitals and medical facilities are expected to better regulate food safety and quality. At Stoelting, we understand that being able to track and report data within your foodservice operation directly affects your patient's well-being. We create products such as the IntelliTec2™ control to revolutionize monitoring and reporting by recording estimated serve amounts, cleaning history, power consumption, and more.

Product Offering

The following categories are selected from Stoelting's broad product offering to help you find the equipment that best fits the needs of your foodservice program.

Shake & Smoothie Freezers

Pack high-capacity output into a compact design with Stoelting's Shake Machines. Perfect for thin or thick milkshakes, frozen beverages, smoothies and frozen cocktails.


Stoelting offers accessories for our freezers, such as remote mix pumps, floor stands, and mix-in blenders.