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Soft serve or Frozen Yogurt Vending Machines

AutoVend Soft Serve & Frozen Yogurt Floor Machines

Soft serve or Frozen Yogurt Vending Machines

The award-winning AutoVend is a quick-serve frozen yogurt or soft serve machine that dispenses a personalized frozen treat within 30 seconds. This automated machine allows users to choose their size, flavor, and toppings from an easy to navigate digital screen. The AutoVend can be operated 24/7 and is perfect for any location - from schools to convenience stores and more. This machine is designed to generate revenue with a significantly lower investment in retail floor space, operations and staffing.

  • Three customizable portion sizes
  • Two flavors, which can be combined into a twist.
  • Up to four toppings
  • Frozen treat is dispensed with a spoon
  • Payment options include cash, credit, debit, or Near-field Communication (e.g. Apple Pay®).

The Stoelting AutoVend Family