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SU444 Combination Pressure-Fed Soft Serve and Shake Machine

Shake & Smoothie Floor Machines

SU444 Combination Pressure-Fed Soft Serve and Shake Machine

SU444 High Capacity Combination Soft Serve/Shake Machine with Refrigerated Mix Storage Cabinet and Built-In Mixer. Dispense soft serve from left side of unit, and shakes from the right side, with the cost and convenience of one unit.

  • Allows the operator to dispense smooth soft serve from the left side and thick creamy shakes from the right side with the convenience and cost of one unit.
  • Provides greater reliability and quieter operation with the combination of Stoelting’s high efficiency evaporator system and Scroll™ compressor.
  • Refrigerated mix storage cabinet has a slide-out shelf that holds two 8-gallon mix containers.
  • Mix pump injects the exact amount of air into your mix, maintaining consistent overrun to ensure maximum profitability with clean-in-place simplicity.
  • Clean-in-place simplicity of pump reduces labor.

The Stoelting SU444 Family