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VB60 Vertical Batch Freezer Machines

Vertical Batch Floor Machines

VB60 Vertical Batch Freezer Machines

Vertical Batch Freezer, Floor Model, 50.1-liter hourly production (on average). Easy access to freezing cylinder when adding variegates and particulates. Time/temperature controlled freezing achieves same smooth texture and product consistency.

  • Vertically oriented freezing cylinder provides high capacity, and maximum energy efficiency.
  • Large diameter freezing cylinder facilitates extremely fast freezing times, resulting in very small ice crystal formation.
  • Easy cleaning and simple assembly of beater parts. Low cost, long wearing, NSF approved plastic beater blades minimize frequent and costly blade replacement.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel beater shaft built to withstand years of use.
  • Clear acrylic freezing cylinder cover allows monitoring of product while freezing.

The Stoelting VB60 Family