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CC202 Double Barrel Continuous Flow Freezer Machines

Frozen Custard & Italian Ice Floor Machines

CC202 Double Barrel Continuous Flow Freezer Machines

CC202 Continuous Flow Freezer with two 8.8-gallon mix hoppers, and the patented Quick Freeze Technology to minimize the size of ice crystals for a smoother finished product. Continuous-feed system provides high-speed production with a low overrun. Refrigerated, top-mounted hopper pans hold mix at a safe temperature for an extended period of time. Hold cycle keeps barrels at a safe holding temperature during off-cycle periods. Optional multi-temperature control switch makes running specialty products easier.

  • Quick-Freeze Technology™ minimizes size of ice crystals to ensure smoother, creamier product.
  • Hold cycle keeps barrels at a safe temperature during off-cycle periods.
  • IntelliTec™ control with lighted display provides simple two button operation.
  • Easy-to-clean design helps maintain sanitary operation and ensures product is always fresh.
  • Refrigerated hopper with independent refrigeration system maintains safe storage temperatures in any environment.

The Stoelting CC202 Family