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A118 Frozen Beverage Machines

Frozen Beverage Countertop Machines

A118 Frozen Beverage Machines

The sleek modern style and small footprint of these dispensers are eye-catching and save valuable counter space. Additionally, they produce virtually no noise and have a high-capacity refrigeration system that allows for quick recovery, ideal for bars and restaurants. Configurable for a wide assortment of beverages, including margaritas, slushes, coffee drinks, and dairy-based products, these user-friendly dispensers are easy to clean and feature a push/pull, self-closing handle that allows for flexible operation while dispensing product – either pulling the handle down like traditional models, or pushing the handle up.

  • Push/Pull self-closing handle for easy, single hand operation
  • Extremely quiet, lowest dbA in industry makes for more relaxing atmosphere
  • Base tray accommodates full-size, 32 oz. pitcher
  • Large capacity, high volume drink production (32 - 32 oz. Pitchers)
  • Can be configured to serve a variety of drinks

The Stoelting A118 Family