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60-Hz Frozen Beverage Machines

Frozen Beverage Countertop Machines

60-Hz Frozen Beverage Machines

Stoelting Countertop Frozen Beverage Dispensers are designed for: frozen granitas and dairy-based drinks including: iced or frozen coffee or tea, frozen cocktails, smoothies, and more. These machines are easy to use and maintain and are ideal for professional foodservice operations. Their multiple point of sale locations can be customized.

  • Magnetic drive system is reliable, durable and easy to use
  • Digital control allows user to customize settings for repeatable results and menu flexibility
  • Built-in timer to automatically put the machine in night mode
  • Gasketless spigot is easy to clean and maintain
  • Standard double-wall bowls, ensuring virtually no condensation on the outside of unit

The Stoelting 60-Hz Frozen Beverage Dispensers Family