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Flavor Burst® Soft Serve System

Add variety to your frozen treats with Flavor Burst®

Flavor Burst® is the easiest way to add flexibility to your frozen treat menu without investing in new machines. These units add striped or blended flavors to soft serve, ice cream, frozen yogurt, and more. Simply attach the device to the spout of your Stoelting freezer and you are ready to go!

Available in fun flavors

Give your customers plenty of options and provide the flavors they crave. The blended units can create up to 17 flavor combinations, while the striped units boast 38 assortments. With tantalizing flavors such as: cinnamon bun, banana, and birthday cake, you are sure to create some new fan favorites.

Each flavored syrup comes in a one-gallon bag that creates hundreds of five-ounce servings. The syrups have a two-year shelf life but, once your customers get a taste of your new creations, we’re sure you won’t need them to last that long.

Easy to control with color touch panel

The gorgeous 10-inch, high-resolution touch screen that controls each unit is intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. Both your staff and customers will have no problem following the prompts to build their desired flavors.

Available sanitizer tank makes cleaning simple

Cleaning frozen treat machines can be a chore. But the available external sanitizer tank works wonders to simplify that process. This tank allows for clean-in-place sanitation of the spout, syrup lines, pumps and bag connectors, making cleaning a quick, hassle-free task.


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